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CleanStor Boxes

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Image Designers and builders of masonry island kitchens are now offered a complete line of door, drawer/door, drawer combinations and pullout cabinetry to construct a totally functional kitchen. The line features the optional Clean-Stor® box that attaches to door fronts to create useful storage and organization. The Clean-Stor® box eliminates the infamous "masonry black hole" that lurks behind access doors. The steel construction is superior to presently used insert materials that are subject to warping, rotting and mildew. The Clean-Stor® box comes with a shelf and provides clean dry storage.

Doors exhibit the same stainless quality, "heft and weight" and solid close as the modular cabinetry line allowing additional design flexibility by using both lines to create the ideal kitchen while retaining a consistent "look".

The insert line includes:
  • One and Two Drawer Units
  • Door and Drawer Combination Units
  • One and Two Door (and frame) Units
  • Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Trash and Propane Pullouts
Access Door Inserts may be purchased with just the frame and doors or combined with the "Clean-Stor®" box as a complete unit.
Galvanized Storage Box to install behind frame (order at the same time as Access Doors)

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IDR1621-B Storage Box For IDR1621
IDR1725-B Storage Box For IDR1725
IDR2121-B Storage Box For IDR2121
IDR2721-B Storage Box For IDR2721
IDR3021-B Storage Box For IDR3021
IDR3621-B Storage Box For IDR3621
IDR4221-B Storage Box For IDR4221
IDR3025-B Storage Box For IDR3025
  Results 1 - 8 of 8 1